DUI and Traffic Law Service

Fighting Traffic Violations is Possible

It is easy to think that you don’t have a leg to stand on when you receive a citation for a DUI or other traffic violation. The laws are often written in confusing, obtuse language that can make fighting your case seem daunting, if not impossible. You have rights and the Law Offices of John C. Vojta will make sure those rights are properly defended.

Let our experience of more than 39 years of trial and litigation work for you. Our attorneys ask the right questions and do the research to approach your case from every angle to ensure you are treated fairly in a court of law. To get the process started with a FREE initial consultation, call us today at 847-963-0099.

Our DUI and Traffic Law Services Include

  • Record expungement — Get DUI’s taken off your driving record
  • License suspension cases — Get your license unsuspended
  • Minor parking violations
  • Moving violations
  • Accidents and more

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